Main Characters

covered in blue fur with purple spots, james p. suvillian, stand eight feet tall. his impressive buildand natuaral ability to scare have made him the top scarer at monsters inc. Off duty, he's the nicest monster around-a-down-to-earth guy with a good sense of humour. this combination has earned him the respect and admiiration of evryone he knows, including the companeys,CEO, Henry J. Waternoose. John Goodman is the voice of Sulley

Mike Wazowski is a feisty and quick-witted, one-eyed green ball of a monster. His roomate and bestfriend is Sulley, whom he also assists at MI. No one loves the proffsion more than mike,and he is tremedously proud of sulley's highly esteemed scaring record. Billy Crystal is the voice of Mike

Boo - the name given to her by Sulley - is anadorable little girl who take her journie through her closet door into the monster world unafraid by the odd lanscape, Boo takes an immediate liking to her new friends, Sulley and Mike. Throughout her experience, Boo remains blissfully unaware of the potential danger she is in. She is having way too much fun! Mary Gibbsis the voice of boo.

A calculating lizard-shaped monstor with 8 arms, 8 legs and a mouth full of sharp teeth, Randall has the chameleon-like ability to blend into his surroundings. This talent has made him the second best kid-scarer at Monsters Inc, although he'll do whatever it takes to knock Sulley out of the number one spot. Steve Buscemi is the voice of Randall

Slow moving, slow talking, but oddly quick-witted, Roz is a slug-like monster who works as the despatch manager at Monsters Inc. Roz lives for paperwork, and if there's one thing she can't stand it is an improperly filed scare report. Bob Patterson is the voice of Roz

A larger crab-like monstor with multiple eyes, Henry J Waternoose, CEO of Monsers Inc, is the third generation of Waternooses to run the company. This grand-fatherly monster is as dedicated to the company today as he was when he first started as a kid scarer nearly 50 years ago. James Coburn is the voice of Henry J. Waternoose

Celia is the receptionist at Monsters Inc. Though she does have live snakes for hair, she is anything but a Medusa. Celia is sweet, beautiful and quite fascinating, particularly to Mike. Jennifer Tilly is the voice of Celia.